Tickets on sale Sunday, May 1st at Noon

Everyone needs a ticket. Volunteers, artists, and performers get reimbursed later.

An invitation is not a ticket.

Invites and Tickets

  • An invitation is an offer: wanna buy a ticket?

  • You can't purchase a ticket without an invitation.

  • Anyone who has been to Something Else before gets an invite via email from Secret Party – our ticketing platform. Search your inbox for secretparty.io if you're confused on this one.

  • If you have an invite

    • Invite friends! However, keep in mind that you are responsible for the behavior of your invitees so if they're a problem we might have to hold your partly responsible. Our rules are documented in the Survival Guide.

    • Every ticket purchase allows 2 more invitations. If you get a ticket, you can invite friends. If they buy, they can invite friends. So use the "snowball" technique to get the crew on board. If you're trying to go big (eg bring a whole dino herd), reach out directly.

  • If you don't have an invite, you should work on getting one! It's not that hard really, we just don't want to sell to folks with very different party expectations. Here's what you do

    • Ask friends who are going for an invite.

    • If that doesn't click for you, contact us directly via email or facebook.

  • No refunds.

    • You are welcome to sell your ticket - see ticket transfers below. The facebook event page is a good spot for this. The past several events have all sold out, so chances are you'll be able to offload a ticket you don't need.

Artists, Volunteers, and Performers

  • You need a ticket.

  • We do not issue tickets, only invitations.

  • Artists, volunteers, and performers earn partial or full reimbursement, which is paid within 30 days after the event. (Venmo, paypal, we make it work.)

    • The amount of reimbursement will depend on the nature of the contribution and will be clear when signing up to art, volunteer, or perform.

  • Can't afford a ticket? We are able to make some exceptions for folks for whom purchasing a ticket up-front would be a hardship. Please email us at someone@somethingelse.fun to ask for this.

Secret Party

  • Our ticketing platform can be quirky and confusing, but it's still the best option for our event.

  • It lets us do this "not quite public, not quite private" event structure with invites which really does work out well.

  • It's the best for ticket transfers. To transfer a ticket:

    1. The seller logs into secretparty.io and selects the Transfer action next to the ticket they wish to transfer.

    2. The seller enters the buyer's name and email, and whether they wish to request payment through Secret Party. We recommend this option.

    3. The buyer receives an email from Secret Party with a link that allows them to pay for the ticket. Once the buyer completes payment, the seller will be refunded their original purchase and the buyer will be issued a new ticket. Zero risk, zero text messages, zero parking lot meetups.