Survival Guide

What are we doing this year?

COVID-19 Protocol

Safety & Consent

Something Else is a safe space for everyone to have fun together. We take participant safety seriously. We take consent seriously.

Consent is:

We have no tolerance for:

We have volunteers and staff on site dedicated to keeping the event safe. Our Raptors are based on rangers you might find at other events and can be identified by their hot pink suspenders and radios.

If you experience or witness an incident:

Please understand that the event organizers and Raptors are not police. We are humans who will do the best they can to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all. We will listen, mediate, and deal consequences within our powers - up to ejecting participants from the event.

Culture and Contributing

Art and Music

Theme Camps and Installations

We may be building large-scale art projects together in the afternoon and evening and will have extra materials if you want to take on your own project! Let’s make things to delight and amuse each other! For this is what art truly is. 

Food and Kitchen

This exact details around food will remain TBD because conditions at the venue determine what's realistic for grills and use of the kitchen.

Camping | Logistics | What To Bring

What to bring?

Safety and Self-care

Rules | Notices | Consider Yourself Warned

Poison Oak

Getting There 

Google maps will get you to Mendocino Magic, 3000 Branscomb Rd, Laytonville, CA 95454.

You will drive through the town of Laytonville about ten minutes prior to arriving at Mendocino Magic. The town has gas, a grocery store, a hardware store/lumber yard, a few restaurants, and a pharmacy, so if you’re arriving at a reasonable hour you can pick up last minute stuff there. Try not to attract too much attention to our event in town.

Come on Thursday or Friday or Saturday. Or talk to us about coming early Wednesday to help setup and chill! 

Gate open

It is a minimum 3 hour drive from the Bay Area. Please don't "cut it close". Our gate crew needs their beauty rest. You will not be let in after gate close time.

If you arrive outside these hours:


Closer to the event, we'll make a GroupCarpool link for finding rides and/or passengers.


There is plenty of free parking — don’t worry your pretty heads. Do not expect to park near your camp site however, unload at camp and then park in the lot you passed as you came in. Most camp sites are next to a road, but some are a short walk away.

Car Camping & RV Passes

A limited number of car camping and RV passes are available. These are meant for folks sleeping in their vehicles. No vehicle camping at Great Oak or Camper's Orchard. Hybrid vehicle and tent camping is possible at a limited number of vehicle camping sites.

You can leave and come back. The gate does lock, so if you're leaving/coming back outside of Gate hours, use the radio hanging on the gate to contact someone.

Driving on the Property

Do not park on or block any road at any time for any reason. Pull off from the road somewhere reasonable. It's usually easy.

5mph or it gets dusty.

No driving on the property unless you're coming or going.

No driving to the lake. We will have a Shuttle to transport heavy cargo and folks who can't make the walk. Otherwise no vehicles are allowed past the gate.

About the Property

Mendocino Magic is 600 acres (that's almost a square mile!) of beautiful land 3 hours north of San Francisco in Laytonville, California, nestled an hour inland from the Mendocino Coast, with rolling hills, lily pad ponds, forests, and an awesome reservoir for swimming! It doubles as a wedding venue and as private camping land, and we have it to ourselves Labor Day weekend!

The Camping Sitch

There are a lot of plenty of flat, clear campsites. Most are shady, but some are not, so bring shade structures if you have them.

Some areas will be reserved for folks bringing Theme Camps. These will be the nicer areas, so if you want to camp there, better start or join a Theme Camp!

Together! Or apart.

There is a main designated camping area with fairly good shade coverage. You’re welcome to join up and camp near others. There is also space for you to get a private spot not so far away.


There are a number of porto-potties around and they are in good shape and serviced regularly. This is a forest, so feel free to add your water to the land, but please take your solid waste to the potties.


There is power at select locations around the property to recharge your rechargeables. If you absolutely need power for your medical device, art, or music, please let us know ahead of time.

Internet and Phone

There is wifi available at the Gate House, although it's slow. Don't expect Netflix or video calls to work reliably. Phone reception is spotty. Immediacy!

The Lake

Glorious natural freshwater lake! The lake is actually a reservoir supported by a dam, and has canoes and kayaks and nice swimming with a couple floating docks.

Please do not abandon or break the canoes or kayaks!

The venue wants to nurture the reservoir, so we are all asked to help it be a nice place for fish and creatures. Toward that end, please use mineral sunscreens instead of chemical.

Social Media Policy

Dino Flavor

Why dinosaurs? Dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes. Some survive entirely by eating smaller dinosaurs! Others eat eggs or fluff.

Dinosaurs live in the woods and lakes and in the air. Many had feathers with bright colors on them. They probably danced and sang, because birds do and birds descend from dinosaurs. 

They also ruled the earth for hundreds of times longer than humans have, so that’s probably a good sign.

Ok, but why is dinosaurs the theme?

Because they live on the property and will eat us if we don’t make them the theme.

Questions?  Get get in touch via