Something Else 2023

Thursday August 31 – Monday September 4

Back for 2023!
COVID-19 vaccine + boost required.

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Volunteers Wanted!

Volunteer Make Music Do Art Make FOoOod

Four FIVE days

600 acres

350 vaccinated people




private land

clothing optional

zero dust storms

outdoor music late




Open eyes wide

Carefree fun in the sun! Little arts and craft dinosaur projects like the clay dino above. Big dinosaur art projects like the rideable 20 footer. One-time dino-orthogonal art projects like the Ren Faire Martin ran on Sunday. Shining and shine enjoyment are things we do.

Exalt in wonder

It's an adult event, but also kid friendly. The space is beautiful for it, with plenty of opportunities to wander and play. Bring the party you want to see in the world.

Dinos 4 Lyfe

Classy is a sometimes thing. But you doing you should be an every time thing. Lay it on us.