Something Else 2022

Thursday September 1 – Monday September 5

That's right: tell your partner, tell your kids, tell your friends, tell your polycule—The 2022 event is ON!
COVID-19 vaccine required to attend.

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Four FIVE days

600 acres

350 vaccinated people




private land

clothing optional

zero dust storms

outdoor music late




Yeah, we open eyes wide

Shining and shine enjoyment are things we do. Lake days are like that, from yoga on the water to picnic on the shore with beats and fun things all around.

Yeah, we speak beach bar

Participatory art is definitely in. We built this for fun in about 20 minutes then covered it in seaweed.

Dinos 4 Lyfe

Classy is a sometimes thing. But you doing you should be an every time thing. Lay it on us.